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Jimmy Choo Co Founder Tamara Mellon debuts new clothing line

Tamara Mellon is a woman of class. Her designs and vision have always reflected just that. The former Chief Creative Officer of Jimmy Choo has now chosen to step out on her own and create her own line of clothing and footwear, to the fashion world's delight. Mellon debuted the pieces of the new collection today during a lunch for select fashion insiders.

Tamara Mellon
Tamara Mellon
Designer Tamara Mellon stepped out of Jimmy Choo's comfort zone and debuted a new clothing line.
Tamara Mellon

Mellon spoke about her non compete season, stating "I want to buy something and wear it, not wait six months after the shows when I'm no longer as excited about it. So my business model has no seasons - I produce monthly collections that make sense." This plan for monthly collections is brilliant, as it will give women globally a chance to enjoy great picks each and every season, instead of waiting for months to see what the next season will have to offer.

The collection was full of sexiness and sophistication, no surprise as Mellon's style has always reflected a sophisticated sensual woman that is nothing short of confident. There were strategic cutouts,brassiere style tops, brilliant hues of yellow, and much more that seemed to target the stylish woman. The pieces were perfect for both day and night transition, and the footwear was exquisite. It's safe to say fashionistas everywhere will be pleased with this new collection.