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Jimmy Carter supports Hamas

Jimmy Carter to speak at pro-Muslim convention
Jimmy Carter to speak at pro-Muslim convention
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Since liberals enjoy bellyaching about George W–regardless of the fact that his presidency has long since ended and it's time for B. Hussein Obama to stand or fall on his own–maybe it's time to talk about a former Democrat president and his blatant and non-apologetic support of Hamas–an officially designated terrorist group by the United States government. One of Jimmy Carter's spokespersons stated that, despite outcry from citizens across the country, the former commander in chief will deliver a keynote speech this Saturday at a fundraiser for a Muslim organization that a federal judge and federal prosecutors say is a front group for Hamas.

Referring to Carter as a “major get," the Islamic Society of North America expressed their pleasure to announce that the former president will be speaking in Detroit tomorrow at its national convention. It marks the first time that ISNA, which is supposedly a moderate organization for United States Muslim groups, has hosted a former United States president.

Despite such claims about themselves, the ISNA was implicated by the Justice Department in 2007 in a plot to funnel over $10 million to Hamas terrorists. Professor Alan Dershowitz–a former Harvard Law professor–stated that Carter is “an all-out supporter of Hamas,” and his appearance and speech at the aforementioned convention may be a violation of federal laws against providing “material or support to a designated terrorist group.”

Hamas slaughters its opponents, engages in coup d’états, and uses child warriors,” Dershowitz said. “But Jimmy Carter stands behind Hamas.” Liberals have dared us to defend George W. time and time again. We would like to hear their defense of Jimmy Carter.