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Jimmy Carter redux


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Wednesday afternoon the Wall Street Journal published an article detailing how the American people are losing confidence in President Barack Obama based on recent polling.

Such a loss of confidence in the president today is very similar to when Americans lost confidence in President Jimmy Carter during an era of malaise that included an energy crisis, stagflation, and the Iran hostage crisis.

Carter was a clear contrast to former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson who spoke of American greatness at home and abroad during their inaugural addresses. Obama's views are very similar to Carter's since Obama apologizes to other countries for America’s actions and hardly, if ever, speaks of American exceptionalism.

Carter began his only term in office by increasing government spending to combat the high unemployment that carried over from the previous administration. Obama of course did the same.

In 1976 Carter campaigned on a platform of trust while in 2008 Obama ran on hope and both men beat their intra-party rivals.

Both men were state legislators and both men won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Additionally, some see Obama’s speaking skills akin to Carter’s: “Sheesh, the guy is Jimmy Carter.”

For much of his four years in office, Carter was unsuccessful in convincing Americans that he could protect the country’s global interests from an antagonistic enemy -- the Soviet Union. The same can be said for Obama’s policies toward radical Islam, Iran, and Afghanistan.

By July 4, 1979 polling showed that Americans overwhelmingly disapproved of Carter’s handling of the economy. By this year’s Independence Day, I don’t think history will be any different regarding Obama.

Just as Carter was an incompetent one-term liberal reformer, so will Obama be.

Malaise is back but it’s not because of Jimmy Carter. This time it’s thanks to Barack Obama.

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  • Jon 4 years ago

    Maybe once his term is over, him and Jimmmy Carter can go on an "international tour", apologizing on behalf of the USA. That's what they are best at.

  • Barack Petroleum 4 years ago

    This fool makes Carter look like a MENSA menber!

  • DCPIG 4 years ago

    Hey, it takes a Carter to get a Reagan. (I hope)