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Jimmy and Gary Fallon

Jimmy Fallon added a Golden Retriever puppy to his family named Gary.

She is a female with the same draw to the camera as her master. One week after she joined the family Fallon brought her on his late night show along with guest Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.

She was a young puppy and full of energy as she sat with Fallon. Millan instantly was attracted to the little dog. He was amazed at how well behaved she was for her age.

He suggested keeping the environment around the canine as relaxed as possible. He took the dog in his lap showing how to keep an active puppy calm by just sitting and talking with Fallon and stroking the puppy.

Fallon chose the Golden Retriever because it is his favorite breed. Milwaukee area fans can see Fallon nightly as the new host of the Tonight Show and maybe Gary will be a guest.

Milwaukee dog owners do not have to have a dog whisperer to help with their puppy training there are several good programs available in the area, such as, the Wisconsin Humane Society and Bay View Bark.

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