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Jimmi Toro: "Faces"

Toro poses alongside the photographer and model which inspired his painting.
J&H Photo

The once apparel store now transformed into a local art gallery turned the heads of passers by in early April as it showcased the project of local painter Jimmi Toro, "Faces." Curated by Cat Palmer of The Utah Arts Alliance, this solo exhibition dressed the gallery’s white walls with extraordinary color and Toro’s distinct talent. Toro’s unique style wowed the crowds as they joined in the celebration of such a prolific art exhibition.

The Urban Arts Gallery featured over sixty of Toro’s original pieces. Varying in size, his pieces were made by combining pigment powder, oil paint, and at times charcoal and graphite. Toro’s process thrives on the ambiguity of the mixing of several mediums and watching them react— in many pieces he even drizzled pigment over a canvas with a dinner spoon!

Toro’s forte reached to the talents of other mediums through the artist’s many local connections. During the "Faces" project, Toro worked with models and photographers for further inspiration. One such photograph by photographer Renee Keith featured a female model (also present at the exhibition) with sharp facial features and a strong personality. Her slicked back fire red hair and dramatic eye makeup provided burning inspiration for this visitor favorite piece. Toro interpreted Keith’s photo in stature and strength; the model’s natural beauty was ignited into Toro’s unique vision through this powerful use of mixed media.

Each guest experienced the true inspiration that fills an artist with the need to create as they saw this painting – and many in the same style – alongside the photographer’s work. As an art enthusiast, it was a wonderful experience to see the artist standing alongside the physical subject of inspiration while they viewed the finished pieces together.

Together with his artistic ideas and ambition, "Faces" united the community between mediums, highlighting the abundance of local talent in many forms. While Jimmi Toro’s exhibit is no longer on view at the Urban Arts Gallery, his website and many small galleries in Park City, Utah feature his globally sought after work.

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