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Jimmi Mahalares of Demons Alley

This is what rock and roll is all about
This is what rock and roll is all about
Provided by the band.

Hard rock glam band, Demons Alley, hails from Worcester, Massachusetts and have been described by their fans as Guns N Roses meets the Ramones or David Bowie singing for Motley Crue. They have run their traveling glam punk rock and roll show with extensive eye liner throughout the Northeast and recently opened for LA Guns. They came to chew bubble gum and kick ass but now they're all out of gum!

Their sound is heavy with hooks, more like a New York City band from the East Village. Some of their biggest influences are KISS and The New York Dolls. Demons Alley struts out on stage with attitude and swagger reminiscent of vintage Stones and Aerosmith while giving a nod to those 80's metal gods like Hanoi Rocks and LA Guns.

Demons Alley has recently released their first full length CD entitled, "Dead End Tricks" which was recorded at the Side Two Studio in Boston.

Examiner met with Jimmi Mahalares to learn more about his band Demons Alley.

Examiner: Can you give me some background on the band members?

Mahalares: "I'm the lead singer and play guitar and I go by the name "Pink." I've been told that I have a unique voice, being influenced by such individuals as David Bowie, David Johansen and Joey Ramone, unique voices in their own right. At 6' 4" and quite animated I tend to be hard to forget. My songwriting relates to the crazy things that I've seen in my lifetime thus far. Rock and roll for me is 24/7, it's a life style and not a hobby.

On bass is Nico Youngblood who is a thrash metal man. He plays on BC Rich guitars and Marshall Amps religiously and is known as the loner of the band. He's the one you find smoking in the alley next to the club all on his own. Fearless and street smart, he's thrown down bottle fight style while on the road, he'll tell you exactly what he thinks then he's gone. His love for heavy music really drives Demons Alley sound, always looking for that dangerous sound, never accepting anything less.

Lead guitarist is "Dead Man" Dave Meyer who came to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music and stayed to rock and roll. He's toured the country with bands like Sticky Fingers, Draw The Line, RED HOT and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He's an old school camel cigarettes and scotch kinda guy, known as the 'quiet one' in Demons Alley, we all know that means he's the one to watch out for.

On drums is Matti "Mayhem" Johnson who joined the band in 2009 after original drummer Joe Giglio left the band and went on to star in VH1 Classic Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp. Johnson lives to play drums and has been playing his whole life, 7 days a week, in styles ranging from Latin percussion to progressive speed metal. But his heart belongs to Kiss and the New York Dolls. When he joined Demons Alley in late 2008 the band had to turn its amps up because he plays so loud, much to the dismay of many a sound man. Johnson is a true entertainer and a crowd favorite, weather he's airborn between cymbal crashes or doing a technical fill, or even jumping into the audience for some quick Karate moves, he never disappoints."

Examiner: When was your first show?

Mahalares: "The first DEMONS ALLEY show was the 2006 Metal Sludge Boston 4th of July Extravaganza, opening for the Swedish band "Vains Of Jenna". The boys have since played many more gigs, opening for bands like Cherie Currie(The Runaways), Jake E. Lee(x-Ozzy Osbourne), Zodiac Mindwarp, Sponge, Dizzy Reed (Guns n Roses), Spread Eagle, Broken Teeth (ex-Dangerous Toys), L.A. Guns, Traci Guns, Bang Tango and Pretty Boy Floyd. Our band has also put together shows and tours on our own, partnering with other successful and motivated regional bands like The Erotics, Midnight Mob, Prophets of Addiction, The Serpenteens and the Strip Club Devils (Featuring Ronnie Sweetheart, formerly of The Throbs).

Examiner: Can you tell us about your new CD "Dead End Tricks" which is raw and rocking?

Mahalares: "Dead End Tricks was recorded in a little punk rock studio in South Boston called "Side Two Studios" over a two year period. It was recorded in four major sessions, basically as if its 4 eps put together to make up a 13thirteen song Rock-n-Roll album. Some of the songs had been gigged for years while others were brand new, complete with 11th hour lyric writing sessions( I write well under pressure). The Album has been well received by critics and has gone thru a couple pressings so far."

Examiner: What was your biggest "WOW" moment as a band in this business thus far?

Mahalares: "This band has been pounding out dirty rock-n-roll in some of the nastiest hole in wall bar/clubs for seven years now, and getting to play with some of the bands we personally looked up to for years and years is always a huge thrill. We've gotten to share some really great stages lately with the likes of Cherie Currie(Runaways), Jake E. Lee(Ozzy), and LA Guns and have been treated as first class entertainers in our own right."

Examiner: What have you learned from bands like Vains of Jenna and LA Guns?

Mahalares: "I learned from the guys in Vains of Jenna, don't run when you hear sirens, silly swedes, its only gonna get you busted. And from LA Guns I learned to make sure your Roadie isn't a giant asshole cause he represents the band almost as much as the members themselves."

Examiner: Tell me something that you've never told anyone else?

Mahalares: "I'm an undercover Ginger, growing up with red hair will fuck you up, so I've been dying my hair for most of my life. And I'm the dude version of the crazy cat lady, can't help it, I'm a sucker for those furry faces."

(Love this!)

Examiner: I know that you guys have some upcoming dates, what are your Massachusetts dates?

Mahalares: On Saturday June 7, 2014 we are playing at the Lucky Dog Music Hall, 89 Green St. in Worcester, MA. and on Saturday, July 26, 2014 we are playing at the event LOCALFEST II, Uncle Eddies Oceanside Tavern, 8 Ocean Front, Salisbury, MA.

For more band info:

Be sure to get your copy of "Dead End Tricks", available at or on iTunes.

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