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Jimmer update: To which NBA team will he go as a free agent?

Now that the 2014 NBA Draft has come and went, the attention around the NBA turns to free agency. Boy, are there a ton of free agents this year.

Former BYU star Jimmer Fredette scored 17 points against Orlando in an NBA game last season. Might it have been his last hurrah?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

But one player in particular has locals attention on Tuesday, July 1, the day free agency officially begins. You know him by the name of Jimmer--that is, former BYU star Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer may be busy holding his annual basketball camp this week in his hometown of Glens Falls, N.Y.--but soon enough he will have to think about which NBA team will sign him--or if his time in the NBA is up.

It's hard to believe, really, that the former BYU star may have seen his NBA career come to a close in Chicago, as a benchwarmer with the Bulls. Let’s be completely honest and say that Jimmer didn’t get a fair shake with the Bulls, averaging just four points per outing as he shot a horrendous and career low 36 percent from three point land.

No team on the planet would be interested in a player who chucked up bricks like that--but you have to remember that Jimmer only played in eight games for Chicago and took 11 three point shots, making four of them. When Jimmer did actually take to the court and Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau gave in to his own reluctance, the results were pretty solid.

When Jimmer played significant minutes with Chicago (one game, against Orlando) he scored 17 points in 31 minutes and shot 50 percent from the field. With Jimmer’s potential to shoot, you would have to think that some NBA team lacking a perimeter presence would be willing to give the former college player of the year another chance.

Though rumors are already brewing that Jimmer might take his game to Greece, for example, others believe there are some NBA teams who are still willing to take a look at him--or even invite him to training camp--because of his ability to knock down jumpers and three point shots.

Indiana has been mentioned as a possible destination, along with Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix. After this first wave of free agents are signed, expect someone in the NBA to give Jimmer’s agent a call. At that point, he’ll have to decide whether the offer--likely the league minimum--is good enough to stay stateside, or whether it’s time to think about playing in Europe.

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