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Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock guitar played on Jimmy Fallon

Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock guitar played on Jimmy Kimmel
Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock guitar played on Jimmy Kimmel
Wikimedia Commons

Late last night, Jimi Hendrix was on everyone's mind as the Woodstock guitar he played was played on Jimmy Fallon by Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Shepherd is a member of the Experience Hendrix Tour, sitting in last night with that famous Fender Stratocaster before going on stage elsewhere in the Big Apple to perform at the Beacon Theatre.

The white guitar, which was almost as iconic as Hendrix as he used the axe with immense talent not otherwise known on August 18, 1969 at Woodstock. Remember his famous rendition of The Star Spangled Banner?

While Jimi Hendrix will be remembered forever thanks to his legacy and thanks to the Experience Hendrix Tour during which his famous white Fender Stratocaster will be played like it was on Jimmy Fallon on other concerts all over the nation. Memories relaunched for sure.


  • LeRa 4 years ago

    What a cool story, Jane. Thank you for sharing it with us, and now I'm sharing it with others!
    On another note, I am coming to appreciate Hendrix more and more through my husband, a guitarist. It's a shame that Jimi left this world so young (too soon!).

  • Joe 4 years ago

    Actually it was Jimmy Fallon...not Kimmel..

  • Profile picture of Jane Lasky
    Jane Lasky 4 years ago

    I think I was half asleep when the show came on but I remember the guitar from back in the day so I listened and didn't look. Thanks for catching my goof. I've edited!

  • Eddie C. 4 years ago

    I was at the Experience Hendrix Tour a few week ago in Baltimore
    in a word it was FANTASTIC.
    There were some great Guitarist, Bass, and Drummers playing Trbute to Jimi.
    Too me Ernie Isley turned it out like Hendrix would have done.
    Isley performed with Billy Cox and they opened the show.
    Corey Glover kicked ass also on Vocals.

    I have no problem with Jimi's guitar being on Tour.
    But that White Startocaster is" very special" indeed ; Sacred.

    I heard the Guitar was taken apart, refitted right handed so that
    Sheppard could play it.

    "Out of Respect " he should have declined anyone do that to that
    Special Stratocaster. It should be part of the Hendrix Estate and should have been with Jimi's Sister or Brother... Period !

    Folks it's about Respect would they have taken Elvis presley's guitar apart ...I think Not .
    Carlos Santana as great a guitar player as he is; and he personally knew Jimi as a friend . He and many other Guitar Profrssional would have Declined . If you could not play it Left Handed with the Strings Upside down like Jimi played It. Then Tough SH...T !!!

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