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Jim Parsons engagement: 'Big Bang Theory' star admits if rumors are true

Jim Parsons
Photo by Kent Horner

Jim Parsons just got a huge raise on "The Big Bang Theory" and is doing great. Now new reports say that he is engaged, but it could just be a rumor. On Saturday, Inquistr shared what Jim had to say about the rumors. He is speaking out on if they are true or not. Parsons is an openly gay man and has been dating Todd Spiewak for over a decade.

The first reports came out from The National Enquirer which made everyone unsure if they could believe them or not. They even said that because Jim had some free time from filming the show they made the decision to get engaged. Reports were that Todd pressured Jim into doing it because with his big raise he is now very secure financially.

Jim Parsons went to Instagram to share a great photo of himself with Todd from back in 2003. It showed a much younger couple. Along with it, he put a caption explaining that The National Enquirer made up this information. They are still together, doing great but this couple is not engaged. You never know when it might happen though.

Today he went to Instagram teasing that he might be the next celebrity to do the ALS challenge where he dumps a bucket of ice water on his head. Jim was holding ice in his hand in the photo. This challenge has gone viral and Jim may have been nominated by someone else to do it. Hopefully he will be sharing it with his fans soon. Maybe he will let his boyfriend dump the ice water on his head.

"The Big Bang Theory" will return to CBS this fall. Viewers are excited to hear about this show coming back. They had to delay production for a short time, but hopefully everything will start right on time.

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