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Jim Morrison stories from Michael Bedard

Michael Bedard isn’t a name known to Doors fans and he might only be mentioned in books about The Doors in the acknowledgements which very few people read. Bedard, in the video above, says he lived with Jim Morrison for a year, but may in fact have been closer to Pam Courson, and the stories in the video reflect that.

Bedard met Morrison and Courson when Courson was decorating her hip clothing store Themis and wanted to have a mural on the front of the building. One of Bedard’s friends suggested Bedard as an artist and he ended up living in the front of the store while Morrison and Frank Lisciandro were editing “HWY” (which Bedard mistakenly refers to as “The Lizard King”).When Look Magazine dispatched a reporter and photographer to report on Morrison and his connection to Themis, Bedard was included in the pictures.

Another story Bedard relates is how, after a fight with Morrison, Courson left for Paris abandoning her Porsche at LAX with a pound and half of marijuana in it. Also in the car were materials that lead police to believe there was a heroin connection to the car, as well as Bedard’s driver license. Bedard reports that Morrison and attorney Max Fink stashed him in a cabin in the woods for a week while the incident blew over.

Bedard became a well known artist in the 80’s whose series of duck paintings brought him some notoriety as well as award winning children’s books. If you would like more information on Bedard please visit his website at Studio Bedard.

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