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Jim Morrison's Norton Avenue house to get cultural designation?

8216 W Norton Avenue a house Jim Morrison shared with Pam Courson.
8216 W Norton Avenue a house Jim Morrison shared with Pam Courson.

Cheri Woods is again trying to get the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission to declare the house at 8214 W Norton Avenue, in which Jim Morrison and Pam Courson lived in as a cultural resource. Woods who bought the house in 2002-03 has a track record of trying to exploit the house and the Morrison/Courson connection.

The Norton Avenue house was the address listed on Jim Morrison’s death certificate as place of residence. Morrison lived there on and off with Courson in the downstairs apartment, Courson’s friend Diane Gardiner lived in the upstairs apartment. If Morrison and Courson were fighting Morrison stayed down Santa Monica Boulevard at the Alta Cineaga Motel. This is where Pam Courson confronted Patricia Keneally, it’s also where Morrison gave his last interview to Rolling Stone’s Ben Fong-Torres.

Woods who now calls the house “Cheri Amour” has in the past tried to sell the dirt in the backyard as “Doors Dirt,” she has also tried to selling the period appliances. More recently she was taken to renting the house out for $3000 a month, $1000 for a week, $200 nightly or if you want a quick tour $20 per person. Woods seeking the designation for the house may not have strictly altruistic motives besides the cultural resource designation Woods is asking the commission to grant a rehabilitation incentive for the property which may be either financial or some other incentive. The West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission is meeting April 28 at the Plummer Park Community Center at 7377 Santa Monica boulevard at 7pm.

What do you think of the plans to have the Norton house designated a cultural resource? What do you think Cheri Woods may be?

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