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Jim Morrison interview with Tony Thomas of the CBC

May 27, 1970 - Jim Morrison interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Companies Tony Thomas. I know I’m a little late with this one, but it’s such an interesting interview with Jim Morrison and isn't as widely known as other interviews, so I thought it's still of interest to Doors fans.

Interviewer Tony Thomas asks Morrison many excellent questions including timely (and dated) ones such as the 'generation gap' or the repercussions of 'unisex'. Morrison is also able to explicate and expand on his thinking of many of his ideas including “the medium is the message, and the message is me” (not what it may appear to be about at first reading) the idea of ‘Connectors.’ Morrison also talks about the role of the spectator in society, and comments on the function of war and heroes, and keeping mind Morrison had been exposed to those ideas his whole life from his fathers military career, something Morrison’s audience at the time was probably not aware of, the hindsight making it all the more insightful and ironic.

There seems to be some discrepancy in the dating of this interview, it wasn’t published until September of 1970 leading some to conclude that it wasn’t recorded until August or September of 1970. Whatever the true dating of the interview (and it could be May 27, 1970) doesn’t detract from the excellence of the interview.

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