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Jim Morrison influenced 'The Last Beat' goes live on indiegogo

We’ve been following “The Last Beat” from just about the first moment it was announced in 2010. We’ve seen a lot of its evolution, the concept, the casting, Cyndi Lauper had signed on as part of the cast, the announcement that shooting was going to start. And the setbacks, shooting wasn’t able to start, a brief reprieve when it was announced that filming would start in Buenas Aires, then that fell through, then Cyndi Lauper’s schedule no longer fit for filming, and the project lost some of its steam. However, director Robert Saitzyk and actor/producer Shawn Andrews have believed in the project and have worked to produce original songs for the film as well as filming the first nine minutes of the film. They’re offering fans the opportunity to participate in bringing “The Last Beat” to the silver screen via crowd funding at indiegogo starting today.

Shawn Andrews in character as 'Jay Douglas'
Shawn Andrews in character as 'Jay Douglas'
Courtesy: Alterity Films
'The Last Beat' is live on indiegogo starting March 11, 2014
Courtesy: Alterity films

“The Last Beat” is a fictionalized look at Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris just as Gus Van Sant did with Kurt Cobain in “Last Days.” As part of the indiegogo campaign, Saitzyk has released what will be the first nine minutes of the film (which you can watch in the video to the left of this article). As any fiction writer can tell you, greater truths can be revealed in fiction than a rote recitation of facts, dates and events. This is emphasized in the voice over of the film when it’s stated “I don’t want to know how his heart stopped, I want to know what was in it.”

To detractors it will seem redolent of Jim Morrison’s own “HWY,” but Saitzyk adds his own poetic touch that sets it apart from others and at once makes it his own. It’s a scintillating nine minutes that makes me want to see the rest of the film. If you feel the same way and want to be part of what looks like to be a very cool film, then help bring it to the screen by donating to the production at indiegogo, where you can watch a short film of Saitzyk describing the how and why of bringing “The Last Beat” to crowd funding. You will also find headshots and synopsis of the main characters as well as the actors playing the parts. All amounts are accepted for donation and, of course, they’re offering premiums for donations as low as $10 that feature exclusive updates on the filming and digital downloads of the songs from the opening scene, all the way up to $5000 (or more) to receive executive producer status on the film and an extra speaking part in the film. Donations are being accepted until April 21, 2014 (11:59 pm Pacific time). If you want to be part of a really cool project and bring an artistic vision to life, donate today.

Robert Saitzyk and Alerity Films were kind enough to provide stills from the film which have not been released before and are exclusive to The Doors Examiner and can viewed in the slideshow that accompanies this article.

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