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Jim Morrison based imagery leads 'The Last Beat'

"The Last Beat' moves closer to crowdfunding date of March 8th.
"The Last Beat' moves closer to crowdfunding date of March 8th.
Courtesy: Alterity films

One of the images that seemed to fascinate Jim Morrison was a desert view through the windshield of a car, whether this represents Morrison’s memory of the childhood incident of an Indian shaman jumping into his soul, or whether he thought it was a new modern archetype is anybody’s guess. He found the image potent enough that in the triptych he commissioned from T.E. Breitenbach that was one of the images he wanted included on his poetry album. Others have found that image definitive of Morrison as well “When You’re Strange” opens with footage of Morrison driving down a desert highway, and director Robert Saitzyk in newly released footage from “The Last Beat” has also found it a striking image.

Readers of The Doors Examiner will know that Saitzyk has been trying to bring his vision of a ficitionalized Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris to the screen in “The Last Beat” much as Gus Van Sant did for Kurt Cobain in “Last Days.” Saitzyk has shot the first nine minutes of the film and has released about a minute of that footage (see video in the left hand sidebar of this article) Saitzyk will also be funding the production of the “The Last Beat” through crowdfunding at indiegogo which will go live March 8th at which time the full nine minutes of the film shot will be released.

For more information please see “The Last Beat” Facebook page.

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