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Jim Kelly’s daughter Erin talks about cancer battle: ‘He’s a Kelly’

Jim Kelly’s daughter Erin talks about cancer battle: ‘He’s a Kelly’
Jim Kelly’s daughter Erin talks about cancer battle: ‘He’s a Kelly’

Jim Kelly has begun several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment to battle the cancer that is dangerously close to his carotid artery. His family is by his side, including his oldest daughter Erin, who knows her dad will fight this battle as hard as he has fought for everything in his life.

According to Peter King’s March 31 interview with Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback is relying on family and faith will get him through this second battle with cancer. Surrounded by his family, including his wife Jill, daughters Erin and Camryn, his four brothers and his father, Jim Kelly talked about his life, his career and his son Hunter. Jim and Jill Kelly’s son Hunter passed away after a lifetime battle with Krabbe’s disease.

Kelly is a tough man, but he credits his faith for getting him this far. “There’s no way I’d be here without my faith,” he said. Jim Kelly has had many blessings throughout his life, but also much sadness. Kelly is not about to give up anytime soon. During the interview, Jim Kelly turned to his daughter Erin and said, “When you’re going through pain, you’re what?” Erin Kelly quickly replied, “Kelly tough.”

On Monday, Jim Kelly began chemotherapy to treat the complex cancer that has manifested since the first surgery. He has multiple microscopic tumors in his brain. Kelly began complaining of severe headaches and migraines. Doctors knew there must be something wrong if Jim Kelly was complaining of pain because Kelly has been known for suffering pain in silence.

“I guarantee the normal person wouldn’t have been able to take it. Some days I don’t know how I did. I complained of headaches for months, and for a while I thought it was part of the healing process from such a serious surgery. But obviously it was more than that. I’d look up to the Lord and say, “I give. Uncle. You got me.”

Jim Kelly will fight this battle with cancer, surrounded by his family, friends, former teammates and a community of fans tht reaches across the globe. Hope, faith, prayer and modern science with get the Kelly family through this latest battle. His daughter Erin reflected on her father’s accomplishments and hurdles. “He’s never been through anything like this, obviously. But I know the way he raised us. And I know who he is. He will fight this till his last breath. He’s a Kelly.”

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