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Jim Kelly completes chemo, needs 4 more radiation treatments

Jim Kelly completes chemo, needs 4 more radiation treatments
Jim Kelly completes chemo, needs 4 more radiation treatments
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Jim Kelly has completed his course of chemotherapy to battle cancer. The former Buffalo Bills quarterback looked tired in the photo posted by his wife, but he appears to be in good spirits.

Jill and Jim Kelly just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary and today, May 20 Jill Kelly posted a photo of her husband Jim Kelly after his final chemotherapy treatment. Both are in Jim’s hospital bed, Jill with a big smile on her face and pointing to a sign held by Jim. The sign says, “Last Chemo! Thank you God!! #prayersforJK.” In the post on her Facebook page, Jill Kelly let everyone know that Jim has four more radiation treatments to go and asks that everyone continue to pray for the NFL Hall of Famer’s recovery.

Jim Kelly announced his cancer had returned on the same day that Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson died at the age of 95. It was a blow to the Western New York community, and they have been praying for Kelly and his family ever since.

The form of cancer that Jim Kelly is battling is aggressive, as he told Peter King on March 31. But with his wife Jill and daughters Erin and Camryn by his side, Kelly has vowed to fight the good fight and beat cancer. He has said he will not let it win. Recently Jim Kelly had to have a feeding tube inserted in his stomach because he has not been able to eat. Kelly says that the radiation has burned the skin off the roof of his mouth and has caused mouth sores and ulcers.

Erin Kelly has talked about her father’s strength and faith, saying that he will beat this because he’s a Kelly. Giving up is not an option in the Kelly family. Jim and Jill lost their son Hunter to Krabbe’s disease in August of 2005. In several interviews over the past several weeks Kelly has talked about his son and his family and his faith.

Jim told a reporter recently that he is not afraid of death, but he broke down while talking about his son Hunter. In the interview Kelly said he told his wife Jill that he will probably see Hunter again before she does. But Jim Kelly is a fighter and his doctor says his cancer is treatable and potentially curable. In the interview said “Potential doesn’t mean nothing to me. Unless it’s done. I fight every battle every day.”