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Jim Irsay, Colts' owner, had laundry bags stuffed with $29K when cops stop him

Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, appears not travel lightly even when going across town. Police found $29,000 in cash, and a metal briefcase containing bottles of prescription pills when they pulled him over for a traffic violation this month. The cash was found in his wallet, in two laundry bags and in a briefcase, according to Fox Sports on March 27.

Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, pulled over for driving under the influence, had $29,000 in cash stuffed in laundry bags.
Carmel PD Mug Shot

Irsay was pulled over after he was observed coming to a full stop two times while in the travel lane in the downtown area of Carmel, Indiana. He told the officer who pulled him over that he sometimes has trouble finding his home, which he just moved to in February.

The officer said that Irsay appeared impaired, as he had to have him sit on the patrol car’s hood to keep him from falling over. The Colts’ owner failed the field sobriety test and refused to have a blood test done. The officer believed that Irsay was under the influence of another substance other than alcohol.

Refusing the blood test is an automatic year suspension for your license. The billionaire was less than a half of a mile from his home when he was pulled over. He spent the night in lockup, but let go the following morning.

He was booked on “preliminary charges of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors are not bound by preliminary booking charges, reports Deputy Prosecutor Andre Miksha.

In 2002 Irsay had several years of orthopedic operations resulting in a dependence of painkillers. He did seek treatment for that problem and was said to have overcome the dependence.

While Irsay refused the blood test, the judge approved a search warrant to draw his blood. After declining to answer questions at the jail without his attorney, he was released the next day.

The Colts’ owner’s family commented on his arrest saying that he has recently undergoing treatment at a facility treatment recently. They didn’t identify the treatment facility, but they did say it was outside of Indiana.

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