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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge: season 1, episode 7: Alien Press Conferenc

Pictures from the second to last episode.
Pictures from the second to last episode.

Last night's episode begins with the Rygel puppet, an alien on Farscape, that will serve as inspiration for a challenge. The creature brief is to design and build a new alien life form. The aliens are intergalactic diplomats who have to travel incognito for their own protection. The aliens have to be created with a large outer head that conceals an inner head that reveals a true intelligent life form. The contest is an individual build over just three days, but the designers won't be puppeteering. The outer head is fabricated and the inner head is sculpted with at least one element of mechanization. The Creature Shop master this week is creative supervisor Pete Brooke. In addition to the usual judges, the guest judge is producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld.

1st Place

  • Ben (King Karg): The inner character is insectoid and very offensive looking, with a cool mechanical thing that lets him create the disguise. He's the ruler of the Kargonians of the planet Kargon.

2nd Place

  • Robert (Reginald Marklar): A turtle-like creature. For some reason Robert is never interviewed about his creature, perhaps because he used the copyrighted "Marklar" in-joke from South Park.

3rd Place

  • Melissa (Basithe): The inside creature is old and frail, hiding in the big creature because he can't defend himself.

Going Home

  • Jake (High Warlord Abiden): The outer shell is a disguise to get him to the meeting safely without being assassinated, as the inner alien is a bit like Mussolini. He's coming to the intergalactic conference to announce which planets his race plans to destroy.
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