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Jim Garrow: Proficiency test scandal a cover up of Obama's nuclear plot

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

On January 31st, 2014, Jim Garrow once again pulled something out of the headlines and tried to present it as proof that President Obama tried to exterminate the entire U.S. population with nuclear bombs, followed by his usual call to have Obama imprisoned and/or murdered.

Last time, it was the death of hundreds of dolphins in South Carolina, which Garrow insinuated was probably due to exposure to radiation even though it was already known to be lung disease caused by exposure to oil during the B.P. oil spill.

This time, Garrow is claiming, once again via his Facebook page, that a massive proficiency test cheating scandal in the Air Force’s nuclear weapons corps are lies created by the Obama administration to cover up Garrow's fantasy nuclear plot.

"'I told you so', seems so trite when we face the illusion and dis-information of the Obama regime," he writes. "No mention of the attempted destruction of America by the use of an EMP device? No mention of the heroes who refused to allow it to happen and took a bullet for us, that ended their careers. But we hear about the 2 Generals and an Admiral being relieved of duty for 'moral pulchritude' and phony charges. When the first 34 officers who backed these 3 heroes up were dismissed, again we heard crickets about the truth. The Obama spin was repeated verbatim as if it were reality. And now the other 92 officers get shown the door."

Of note, Garrow has changed his story again. He has consistently wavered between attributing the "failure" of the nuclear plot to anonymous military heroes or God.

Garrow also claims that Obama wanted to nuke the country in order to realize the goals of Agenda 21 — a non-binding document on sustainable development goals: "Obama in his unflappable attempt to become the dictator of all he surveys and to assure that the elite would survive after an attempt to make America 'sustainable', is following the demand of the United Nations Agenda 21. This Nazi outrage outlines in it a recommended population control and depopulation of a majority of those alive today."

Because we all know how good nuclear Armageddon would be for the environment.

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