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Jim Garrow: Obama will implement Sharia law, execute by guillotine

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Yup. He's still at it.

Garrow's latest attempt to demonize the President as much as possible involves a conspiracy theory that the Affordable Care Act is paving the way for legal decapitation by guillotine, which he claims is part of President Obama's plan to impose Islamic law on America.

"It's interesting that people now are in a position to make a choice: Will you protect America and the citizens of America, 'We the People,' will you honor the Constitution?" he asked, once again referring to his promised guerrilla war against the United States government. "Or will you become a lackey and listen to the despot and follow his direction and basically start Murder, Inc.? Because that's where it's going to go. What happened now, just recently? We now have a part of Obamacare where we now have legal execution by guillotine. Did you see the list? It’s been added to the list."

It has not. Garrow made that up completely.

"If Obama is a Muslim," he continued, "if the Muslims when they dominate Christians, if what they do is kill them by taking off their heads, decapitation by the sword, this is just another sword, it's another way, it's another mollification of Muslims, of Islam, it's another lining up, paralleling what's right and able to be done in America, legally, with what the Muslims do.

"This is dhimmitude, submission, submission to Islam and the traditions of Islam. Done by that bunch of wackos, that bunch of crazies, traitors in the White House led by Mr. Obama."

So said the serial fraud, conspiracy theorist and accused human trafficker.

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