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Jim Garrow: Obama will have you "wiped from the face of the Earth"

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Jim Garrow continues to deteriorate because nobody beyond Alex Jones, Erik Rush, or their small collection of psychotic followers believes him when he says Obama tried to have him murdered or tried to exterminate 90% of the U.S. population.

Once again writing on his Facebook page, Garrow warns that anyone who doesn't participate in his upcoming (but still unscheduled) anti-Obama guerrilla war, they will be just "a statistic and the memory of you being wiped from the face of the earth."

"Some folks have asked me to provide proof for some revelations that I have made," he writes. "I would suggest that you look at the track record of information that I have shared and with patience you see that it is 100% reliable. Just because you don't necessarily see it at the microwave speed of your impatient demand, doesn't mean it won't 'unfold as it should'."

Back in that pesky little thing that Garrow so greatly detests called reality, his "track record of information" is actually 0% reliable, with his conspiracy theories now being declared 100% factual because they might be true.

This is the same shallow ploy Garrow's favorite squeeze Erik Rush tried to hide behind when he said asking for proof is a liberal ruse.

"If you really want me to identify patriots who have put their lives at risk to get me information or have me produce classified documents that could be their source - sorry, prison or suicide are not part of my career plan," he continues.

"And let me remind you of something important. This is not a game, real lives are being lost or destroyed and our country is on the verge of a well planned and executed collapse. Are you prepared? Are you ready? Or will you just be a statistic and the memory of you being wiped from the face of the earth does not concern you? The day is here when every move you make will determine your survival or demise, we are that close to the edge.

"'Choose ye this day whom you will serve'."

The closest Garrow ever came to actually telling the truth in his life came right there when he said this is not a game, but it loses all of its value based on the fact that Garrow himself is the one hellbent on treating it like one.

This is the man who accused Obama of wanting to exterminate the entire United States population and can't even provide a motive, never mind any possible substantiation to the claims.

The choice of "whom you will serve" is an easy one Mr. Garrow. We will follow the one who has emotionally matured beyond preschool.

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