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Jim Garrow: Obama's nuclear plot responsible for dolphin deaths

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Before Erik Rush outsourced the creation of guano loco conspiracy theories to Jim Garrow, he probably should have made sure Garrow had the mental capacity to come up with more conspiracies than can be counted on one hand.

Instead of constantly inventing new crap like Rush used to be famous for, Jim Garrow is demonstrating an inability to come up with anything that doesn't fit into one of three categories:

  1. Obama is a gay pedophile.
  2. Obama murdered whichever celebrity died this week.
  3. Obama tried to exterminate the entire U.S. population with nuclear bombs.

Since the introduction of these conspiracy theories, Garrow has done nothing except add to them and try to present hollow proof to try and support them.

Most recently, it was the latter. On his Facebook page, Garrow claimed to have "proof" that Obama did, in fact, plot to kill off the U.S. population with nuclear bombs.

Specifically, Garrow claims the bomb plot is responsible for the death of hundreds of dolphins in South Carolina.

"Do you think that a nuke going off in the deep ocean 560 miles south east of Charleston South Carolina Oct 7/8 might have done some of this?" he asks.

No Jim, we don't.

Garrow appears to have cherry-picked this article because it does not mention any possible causes of the sickness, and was likewise hoping nobody else on the planet was already familiar with the problem or would do any additional research for themselves.

The cause of the deaths is already known: Lung disease brought on by exposure to oil during the B.P. oil spill.

Nice try Jim, but you're still a lying douche.

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