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Jim Garrow: Obama is "on the edge of being mentally ill"

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Jim Garrow has proven once again that he is incapable of opening his mouth without a steaming pile of bull coming out of it.

During an appearance on Agenda 21 Radio, Garrow insisted that Obama is bent on "wreaking havoc" across America, "is on the edge of being mentally ill," and of course, trying to implement martial law.

"I see him as being a fifth column, that body or group of people that come in and their whole idea is to wreak havoc everywhere they turn," Garrow claimed. "Obviously, that's exactly what's happened with everything this president is doing. He's wreaking havoc, destroying the constitution and the rule of law. He has to be stopped."

Garrow also answered in the positive when Agenda 21's host, Paul Preston, asked if he believed Obama was trying to implement martial law.

"That's what a spoiled brat, a petulant child will do: throw tantrums," said Garrow. "They'll always go and the pendulum will swing all the way in another direction with them, there's no common ground, there's no stability and that's what we see with this man, he's not a stable person, psychologically stable or whatever. I believe he is on the edge of being mentally ill."

And if anyone would know a thing or two about being mentally ill, it's Jim Garrow.

Garrow's childish hatred of Obama is so great that he can't even decide what kind of monster he wants to pretend he is.

"What is his end game then here with the United States?" asked Preston. "To destroy it as much as possible in his time? To totally destroy it? To bring in a police state? We're seeing the militarization of our regular police all over the place, is that his end game? To literally take over the United States almost Nazi style?"

"It's all of the above," Garrow responded. "I've got to agree with everything you have said right there."

The obvious problem is that everything Preston said does not agree with itself.

Which is it Jim? Is he trying to take over the U.S. or destroy it altogether? He can't do the former if he succeeds at the latter.

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