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Jim Garrow: Obama deserves to be killed for treason

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Jim Garrow's intense hatred of Barack Obama and phenomenal lack of maturity is legendary, so much so that he cannot resist insisting that Obama deserves to be killed even when he is trying to reprimand the people who say Obama deserves to be killed.

"If you are foolish enough to put treasonous statements or murderous statements regarding the occupant of the White House, I must notify you that I will defriend you," he writes. "If you are not aware yet that the NSA, FBI, and a score of alphabet agencies of the Federal government are watching and monitoring your activities, then you need to add "ignorant" to the adjectives that must be used to describe you. To speak of the actions of the President as illegal, unconstitutional, or immoral is to speak the truth within the confines of law and right. To protest his actions and to demand his arrest or his removal for these actions is also to speak withing [sic] the confines of right and law.

"The line is crossed when one demands the death of the President, or physical actions that could be seen as assault. Counseling such would be a violation of law."

Later, of course, Garrow proceeds to do exactly what he had warned against:

If a person is found guilty of treason or sedition, they should be hung, or shot, or using a new corollary to those methods of punishment approved for capital offenses, beheading (it has been added), then you merely call for justice. In which case and context, I would certainly approve.