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Jim Garrow: Obama blew up the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Yup. Him again.

Over the weekend, Jim Garrow, who has already accused President Obama, multiple times, of plotting to exterminate the entire U.S. population with nuclear bombs, insisted via his Facebook page that that President Obama blew up the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Garrow insists that the plane's direction "would take it to the US base at Diego Garcia," where he insists "20 technology nerds aboard who happen to work for China" will be unloaded and interrogated while the plane is detonated so the wreckage can be found as if its disappearance had just been due to human error on the part of the search crews.

America/Obama gets the information that they want, who cares if a bunch of innocent people have to die (Obama -"I am pretty good at killing people.") and more lies per minute have to fly to cover this huge piece of cow manure over.

Welcome to the world of the marxist muslim amateur Obama and his new found friends, the Chinese. Yes, I did say friends. After all he just gave control of the internet to "the world" and just by happenstance his brother Mark, whose partnership with the intelligence community of China I let the world know about in an earlier missive. Betrayal and treason are the mainstays of this America hating fraud in the Oval office. Hows that jihad coming along Barry?

Given that Jim Garrow's hatred for all things democratic is so great that, again, he routinely accuses Obama of wanting to exterminate the entire population, this is hardly surprising and only suffices as a footnote on the already long list of indications that Garrow is either a fraud or psychotic.

So great is his hatred that it kept him from noticing the flaw of accusing China of helping Obama steal technology from China.

Even after accusing Obama of plotting to murder three hundred million people for no reason whatsoever, Garrow's childish hatred of Obama still has not been satisfied.

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