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Jim Garrow: Get out of the U.S. before Obama tries to "wipe us out"

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Yup. Him again, and that again.

Jim Garrow made a return appearance on the Hagmann & Hagmann report -- the same place where he had "exposed" Obama's Arab / Chinese / Communist plot and insisted that Obama's children need their DNA tested because he prefers little boys.

This time, Garrow returned to his favorite conspiracy theory and warned Hagmann & Hagmann's listeners that the Obama administration is working on an "attempt to wipe us out" with a new EMP "slaughter."

"Join a militia; I mean it, join a militia," said Garrow. "When you get in the militia, find out if they've got a neighborhood watch kind of a system where they will actually help you if you are under attack by the police or the military who come in. Always remember, it's overwhelming force that they will attempt to use on you, and the only answer to overwhelming force is overwhelming force, so you need to have that with a militia. A year ago I never would have stated these kind of things but today, if you ask me what I’m doing, all of the above."

Actually, the exact opposite is true: The typical government approach is to only use overhwleming force when it has been met with organized displays of force, such as the FBI raid on the Branch Davidians after gunfire had been exchanged with the ATF.

In this way, joining a militia is actually asking for trouble. No doubt what Garrow is really hoping with this recommendation is to recruit enough volunteers for his upcoming guerrilla war that he can opt out of it for himself.

"Have a bug-out bag, be within fifteen minutes of the ability to clear out," he continued, "have a year of food stashed somewhere, make sure you're more than four hours' drive away from a major center if you are going to a bug-out space. Once everything goes down if it's an EMP, you'll need to have that spread of distance to survive, otherwise of course the mass of people who are left after the major slaughter in a big city—those people won't survive—but the ones that do manage to get out, they are going to be the smart ones, the ones to watch out for, you want to be far enough that it will take them months to get to you. I also have a plane, I have a plane ready to roll too, it lands on water."

No doubt a lot of Americans right now are wondering why, if Garrow believes such an EMP attack is imminent, he continues to wait.

If Garrow actually believes that, he can prove it by getting on board that plane and leaving the U.S. right now. And if he's so insistent that Obama tried to have him murdered, he should refrain from all phone and internet and live like a hermit so nobody knows where to find him.

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