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Jim Garrow claims God stopped Obama & Satan from killing him

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

While the seven members of Jim Garrow's fan club have been feverishly trying to shout down everyone on the planet who has ever questioned Garrow's claims that President Obama is a murderous Saudi pedophile, Garrow himself has been busy discrediting himself even more so by trying to convince people that Obama wanted to exterminate the entire U.S. population with atomic bombs.

Garrow made the claim once again on the radio show of the Cam to his Mitchell, WorldNetDaily's Erik Rush.

Because Garrow once again had absolutely nothing in the way of actual substantiation to his claims, he instead tried to back it up with another completely unsubstantiated accusation that President Obama is murdering all of his friends.

Considering 50% of Garrow's friends were on the air with him, that must have come as quite a surprise to a certain evil aristocratic space lizard.

Garrow even credited Obama's "failure" to kill him to God's intervention.

"They are being eliminated, now they tried to kill me a few days ago but it didn't work because God intervened," he claimed. "We are not alone in this fight against lies and Lucifer and those people who would like to take down first of all the blessing of God from America but also take down America as an entity on the earth."

Garrow had also credited the "failure" of Obama's nuclear plot to God's intervention (even though he'd previously credited it to anonymous military heroes only a few hours before).

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