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Jim Garrow calls on "purged patriots" to join his upcoming guerrilla war

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

In a September 3rd, 2014 post to his Facebook page, Jim Garrow demonstrated that he is definitely not a quitter.

Despite his credibility having been blown to kingdom come several times over, he is still trying to convince Americans that Obama is a murderer, still trying to convince Americans that Obama is a pedophile, still trying to convince Americans that Obama wanted to exterminate the entire U.S. population with nuclear bombs, and still trying to convince people to sign up to participate in his unscheduled guerrilla war to overthrow the United States democracy.

"We learned that the lawless lout in the white house has taken a dim view of those who think that their oath of loyalty is to the Constitution and the Rule of Law rather than to himself," he writes. "We warned of the purge before the public had come to realize its reality. Since that time more than a year has passed and patriots are falling one by one.

"As usual in States where the lawless rule, excuses galore have been found to rid the elites of their critics and thorns in the side. These are always moral in nature, as if the narcissist in chief has any notion of what morals, mores, values or ethics mean."

As a notorious conspiracy theorist and serial con artist, Jim Garrow should know what a lack of morals or values looks like better than anyone.

Cue the conspiracy theory:

"The military must be purged first because they have guns, esprit de corp and loyalties based in the old notion of 'a band of brothers'," he insists, "who we might add, leave no man behind. Although it is certainly lamentable that we are losing our loyal military leaders, and we can see that media personalities who have been outspoken in the past are now having 'conflicts' with their sponsors and must find new work. The notion of neighborhood policing and its community loyalties are being replaced by military muscle and the thug mentality of those surrounding the fraud in the oval office."

Garrow proceeds to call on "purged patriots" to sign up for his supposedly upcoming guerrilla war against the United States government.

"But there is hope dear ones, those purged patriots are still patriots, though not in the positions of trust that they held in the past," he writes. "Where does a patriot who has been purged go? Having been loosened from the constraints of obedience to a master, he or she is free to serve the nation in a new way, recognizing that the fight against a domestic enemy takes on the aspects of a guerrilla war, whether physically or intellectually ascribed.

"Take heart folks, we are not abandoned and alone, but rather we welcome old patriots back to the ranks of We The People, skilled, determined, and fearless against those that would do us harm."

This from a man who lately hasn't even been able to promote his conspiracy theories on his lover's radio show.

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