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Jim Garlow: 'crushing expression of the Gospel' the goal Of LGBT activists

On March 31, 2014, Jim Garlow was a guest on the American Family Association's "Today's Issues" with Tim Wildmon to discuss the recent decision, and subsequent reversal, by the Christian charity World Vision to allow legally married gay Christians to work for the organization.

Jim Garlow

Near the end of the conversation, Wildmon asked Garlow just where the push for equality would ultimately end. To his credit, Wildmon's speculation was actually the most logical assumption: That it will just become so commonplace and accepted that being gay won't even be considered an issue.

Garlow, on the other hand, preferred to peddle the usual American Taliban conspiracy theory.

"The short answer is persecution of Christians," said Garlow. "It is staggering across America the depths of persecution believers are already beginning to experience. This is not about homosexual marriage; this is about crushing expression of the Gospel."

Back in that pesky reality, however, the only things "believers" are experiencing are progress and equality, with the American Taliban being the only "Christians" proving unable to withstand it.

The fact that Christians are no longer in a position where they can oppress everyone they find offensive in all fifty states does not mean Christians are being oppressed, and no matter how many times the American Taliban kicks and screams that it does so, that one simple fact won't ever magically change.

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