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Jim Cramer keeps bowling them over

Jim Cramer is an unabashed supporter of bowling.
Jim Cramer is an unabashed supporter of bowling.
Scott Gries / Getty Images

You gotta love Jim Cramer.

Cramer is an unabashed supporter of bowling and he was at it again Friday on his ninth-anniversary show of CNBC’s “Mad Money.”

Cramer was discussing on his “Game Plan” segment how stocks had become prisoners to political and economic events in China and Ukraine.

And he brought up bowling to illustrate his point.

Said Cramer: “During this period of international tensions, we’ve seen the end of one of my favorite terms – we’ve got the end of ‘pin action.’

“Oh, man, I love that metaphor. What is ‘pin action’? It’s when you hit the lead pin and it spins enough to knock over all the other pins, giving you a strike. And yes, I do love to bowl.

“Ever since Europe bottomed in November 2011 when American companies reported good news, we’ve had rapid ‘pin action’ – strike after strike, as a strong report in one company led to a strike across the entire sector.

“But lately these tensions have made it so you can hit the 1 pin as was the case yesterday when Williams-Sonoma – the housewares retailer – crushed the estimates and the only stock that went flying was Williams-Sonoma.

“Not a single housing play rallied, including analogous stores that are just like Williams-Sonoma and are in the same mall even.”

That’s not the only time that Cramer, a former journalist for the now-defunct Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, has brought up the nation’s most popular participatory sport during his show.

In December 2012, Cramer talked about how impressed he was with Lake Forest, Ill.-based Brunswick Corp, a company involved in many recreational pursuits, including bowling.

During the course of his analysis, Cramer mentioned that he is an avid bowler who owns his own bowling ball and bowling shoes.

For the record, despite the international tensions, Cramer on Friday expressed optimism that stocks could return to rally mode.


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