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Jim Cramer calls for ‘pin action’ and stock market obliges with huge rally

The stock market regained its "pin action" on Monday.
The stock market regained its "pin action" on Monday.
Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Stock market guru Jim Cramer wanted some ‘‘pin action’’ and he got it during Monday’s big rally in the stock market.

During Cramer’s ninth-anniversary show of CNBC’s “Mad Money” on Friday, he talked about how the news on China and Ukraine was restraining stocks.

He said stocks lacked “pin action” – which he described as “when you hit the lead pin and it spins enough to knock over all the other pins.”

An unabashed fan and participant of bowling, Cramer said on his show that he remained optimistic stocks would regain their footing and their “pin action.”

So what happened Monday?

Tensions eased over the situation in Ukraine and the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared more than 180 points or 1.1 percent.

It should be pointed out that Cramer may not have totally accurate on his definition of “pin action,” which really is an all-inclusive term that applies to any forceful bowling shot that leaves pins tumbling around and knocking over other pins.

But that’s being nitpicky. Cramer, a former correspondent for the now-defunct Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, certainly can be forgiven.

The fact is that Jim Cramer is “money” when it comes to stocks and bowling.


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