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Jim Collins takes you from good to great for less than a dollar

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Just two weeks after the attacks of September 11 business world was woken up by the challenges of Jim Collins and his book Good to Great. The instant bestseller compared successful companies to unsuccessful companies laying out an argument that corporate culture was the key to success. He updated his work a decade later but the findings were the same as the original volume and its predecessor, Built to Last. Success is a result of an organization’s corporate DNA. is offering a Quickie Book Summary of Good to Great for just 99 cents. This electronic version of the book will sit on your e-reader so you can read short summaries of Collins’ key findings while waiting for a meeting to start, an appointment to arrive, parked on a telephone hold or in the break room.

Collins used a team of researchers to review thousands of articles and interviews about companies that consistently outperform their competitors. It contains his reasoning that good is the enemy of great, an organization must have a culture of discipline, leadership must operate at level 5 and the way to move from good to great and then built to last.

Download the book immediately by clicking here.

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