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Jim Carey left a serious heartfelt commencement speech

He’s not talking out of his butt any more. Funny man actor Jim Carey left the jokes out and left a touching commencement speech for the graduating class at Maharishi Management in Fairfield, Iowa on Saturday.

Jim Carey left a serious heartfelt commencement speech

His speech was filled with his signature lines

Transcendental knowledge and Vedic education. “My father worked hard to support us through a normal job, even though he was a funny man too. He didn’t take the path to making the world laugh through celebrity.”

Jim Carey to self publish metaphysical children’s book

Serious topics filled with sentiment and Jim Carey charm. Carey’s first release, “How Roland Rolls,” will is due out in September. “It will be more representative of myself than anything I’ve ever done.”

Do what you love, love what you do

More people have the creativity sucked right out of them by beating the daily grind to death with a job that doesn’t serve their inner being. Choosing to pay the bills and taking care of business comes before the soul of life.

Carey tells the 2014 graduating class “Do what you love”

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. Surviving uninspired. “My father had a menial job to support his family and when he was let go after years of service we struggled. It’s better to do what you love than to fail at something you hated in the first place.”

It can be a vulnerable place, scary

Following your dreams, there will be naysayers and it means we will remain closed to life. Not following your dreams means it blocks the chances for other people to help you. Throw up the windows and let the sunshine in.

Permission granted

Take risks and be proud of who you are. Let your light shine the positive vibe so that others may feel it too and be inspired to grow in infinite possibility. Give space to the unconventional parts of you where the union with something bigger than us is acquired, grounded in belief set free by intuition.

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