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Jim Beam acquired: Whiskey maker bought by Suntory for $13.62B

Jim Beam acquired: Whiskey maker bought by Suntory for $13.62B
Jim Beam acquired: Whiskey maker bought by Suntory for $13.62B
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

Jim Beam acquired by Japanese beverage conglomerate. Beam, Inc. was sold to Suntory Holdings Ltd for $13.62 billion. According to ABC 7 Chicago on Jan. 13, popular whiskies Maker's Mark, Jim Beam and more will be added to company's holdings.

Suntory President and Chairman Nobutada Saji said in a statement that the acquisition will help Suntory further its global growth.

Jim Beam acquired by a foreign company? Absolutely. The purchase of this beloved and storied American brand is just the latest in a string of mega deals. Anheuser-Busch was bought by Belgian conglomerate InBev in a $20.1 billion deal last year.

Global demand for bourbon, which is an American distilled spirit made from corn, has risen 26 percent in the past decade. Last year the alcohol percentage of Maker's Mark was almost reduced due to a shortage of corn. Fans rebelled in a vocal outpouring of emotion and the proof was upheld.

Jim Beam acquired by Suntory is still subject to shareholder approval before the deal is finalized. The two companies already distribute each other's products in certain countries. Suntory has offered $83.50 per share, a 25 percent premium to last Friday's close.

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