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Jim Beam acquired by Japanese firm: Selling piece of Americana has its critics

Jim Beam was acquired by a Japanese company and many today are saying that the name brand liquor should stay all-American. Social media is buzzing after the announcement that Jim Beam was acquired by the Japanese beverage company, Suntory, according to Web Pro News on Jan. 14.

Jim Beam acquired by Japanese firm has Twitter alive with critics.
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Jim Beam is not the only label that will now be produced under the ownership of Suntory. Maker’s Mark, Canadian Club, Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek and Baker’s will also go along as part of the Japanese ownership.

The Beam Inc. is based out of Chicago and the Suntory folks promise not to change a thing in the production of America’s favorite bourbon and whiskey. The company is even keeping the same employees, as nothing is due to change. Stocks in Beam Inc. rose 24% after the announcement of the $13.62 billion deal came out on Monday.

While the deal still needs the Bean Inc. stockholders approval, it expected to finalize sometime in the company’s second quarter this year. Jim Beam and the other fine liquors going along with this sale will still be made in America.

That doesn’t seem to matter to critics as it is a Japanese company running a piece of Americana today that has some folks taking to the Twitter highway to get their message out.

Tweets calling this sale “un-American” and “This is pure betrayal” seem to echo the majority of those who don’t agree with the sale of Jim Beam and the other brands. Some are even vowing never to drink the liquor again, but not too many made that promise!

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