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Jillian Michaels Shape: Star poses nude for magazine

Jillian Michaels
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Jillian Michaels made a big decision to actually pose nude in Shape magazine and this coach of "The Biggest Loser" looks amazing. On Wednesday, NY Daily News shared a photo of her. She is totally covered up by her arm but she is naked. Jillian looks great in this photo.

Michaels just turned 40. She spoke out saying that this birthday was hard for her. Jillian said, "But when I think back on my 20s and 30s, I look better now than I ever have." She did share that one reason having her arms in shape is important to her is because she loves to pick up her kids. This is a big deal to her and being in shape helps.

The cover of Shape has Jillian Michaels in clothes, but inside you get to see a lot more. It is done in a very classy way though. Fans can see her amazing her body is without her showing off all the goods. Jillian has the type of body women everywhere are jealous of when they see her.

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