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Jillian Michaels reveals secrets of next The Biggest Loser Season 16

The Biggest Loser, the hit show for fifteen years is gearing up for the new season. Jillian Michaels revealed new ideas for future seasons of The Biggest Loser. Her passion for the show is exemplified by her great ideas. "We are looking to have average contestants instead of celebrities" noted Jillian.

Jillian Michaels
Robert Bornstein
Jillian Michaels reveals secrets of the next Biggest Loser
Robert Bornstein

I asked all my friends across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. for questions to ask Jillian before meeting with her, and they had some great questions. One wanted me to ask her about having people with disabilities compete on the biggest loser. Jillian was thrilled with the question, and said, "We are trying to do just that, and there are so many liability issues to deal with. We would love to do a season with contestants with disabilities, we just need to work out all the liability issues. "

Another friend asked about incorporating farm fresh foods, growing your own veggies and farm to table eating. Jillian said, "At home my partner got me started growing vegetables raised beds and our daughter loves it as well." Jillian mentioned eating healthy and fresh is very important to her life coaching goals.

"My favorite part of the show is to find out the why, to find out what caused the contestants to be in their current condition, and how to help them overcome obstacles." Jillian commented, "I consider myself to be a life coach. " Through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, people can make big changes to get their lives back on track. "The contestants must learn to replace bad habits with good ones." I am sure there will be some surprises for the new season but Jillian's lips were as tight as her healthy figure.

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