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Jillian Michaels and 'The Biggest Loser' part ways for third time

Jillian Michaels says goodbye to "The Biggest Loser," won't return in the fall.
Jillian Michaels says goodbye to "The Biggest Loser," won't return in the fall.
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Jillian Michaels and "The Biggest Loser" have once again decided it was time for yet a third separation announced NBC on Wednesday. The news comes slightly after Jillian Michaels’ bodily reveal in the upcoming issue of Shape Magazine.

According to ABC News, Shine America, “The Biggest Loser’s” production company, along with NBC, made the Jillian Michaels announcement via statement on Wednesday. The physical trainer will not be back for Season 16 when the weight loss competition returns in the fall. A spokesperson for the reality TV show declined to comment when asked if there was a possibility the 40-year-old mother of two would return for other seasons, and instead said focus is on this fall’s run of “The Biggest Loser.”

Jillian Michaels recently made headlines for showing off her incredible body in her fourth Shape Magazine cover, this time completely nude, which hit newsstands on June 25. In a very candid interview, the workout guru, who admittedly was an overweight, unhappy child, confessed she’d like to perfect her buttocks. She explains in the July/August issue of the fitness and health magazine that at age 40, Jillian Michaels is at “her peak” of physical perfection, but confidence is key. She advises to “love your body despite imperfections.”

Jillian Michaels left “The Biggest Loser” in 2012 to adopt her now four-year-old daughter. She told Shape her children with partner Heidi Rhoades are her inspiration and “the best reason for having strong arms, because I love to pick up my kids.” The couple also has a two-year-old son.

Controversy swirled around the popular reality TV show back in February when the winner, Rachel Frederickson, dropped 155 pounds, which sparked a social media debate. Since the announcement, there has been speculation that Jillian Michaels has left “The Biggest Loser” due to the series’ winter firestorm.

Season 16 of “The Biggest Loser” premieres on NBC, sans Jillian Michaels, in September. Representatives for Jillian have not responded to the news, and a replacement for Michaels has yet to be decided.

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