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Jill Whelan divorce: 'Love Boat' star files for divorce

Jill Whelan
Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images

There is sad news today for the star of "The Love Boat." On Thursday, TMZ shared the news that Jill Whelan has filed for divorce. She played Capt. Stubing's daughter Vicki on "The Love Boat" but also played on the movie "Airplane." She is divorcing her husband John Chaykowsky and it looks like she wants a lot from him.

Jill and John have an 8-year-old son together. She is wanting to have full legal and physical custody of their son. Jill is hoping that she will be the one that he is living with all the time and is probably ready for a fight to make sure that she gets what she wants from him. She also wants spousal support from him as well.

Yes Jill works an actress, but she hasn't been working all of the time. She will have a big role and then not work for a while. That is why she wants to get spousal support from him. It will be interesting to see if she can pull it off or not when they go to court. IMDb shared that Jill was on "The Love Boat" for 190 episodes over her nine years on the show.

People shared a bit of information about who her painful divorce back in 2001. She was married then to businessman Brad St. John and they divorced. They also had a child together. Things did not work out for them and now she will be getting divorced again.

Her husband that is she is divorcing now is Michael Chaykowsky. It is very sad that Jill Whelan is getting a divorce from her current husband. Fans would love to see her happy so hopefully this is the best move for Jill and she can move on with her life. They are still in the early stages of the divorce.

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