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Jill Scott latest victim of nude photo leak? Singer addresses pictures, hacking

Jill Scott is the latest victim of hackers
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Jill Scott nude photos are making the rounds on Wednesday night and fans are quickly tracking down the latest pictures on social media. While the sharing of the images might be intense, before searching online fans should know one of the pictures are fake. According to BET News on Wednesday, the two pictures are in front of a bathroom mirror started circulating on Twitter and the singer has made a public statement about the authenticity.

The picture where Jill Scott appears to be fully nude underneath a loosely tied robe (yet not showing anything personal) is real. However the second picture with the alleged singer's breasts and bottom exposed is fake.

The decision to immediately get out in front of the scandal has put Jill Scott fans at ease. The real time issues of stopping a scandal has people worrying about images and reflecting on how it is impossible to stop the digital sharing. Knowing that the picture which is most revealing seems to cool down the trigger fingers who share the pictures online. There still might be concerns with Twitter sharing personal property, but this is the latest scandal and it is too soon to tell what the fallout might be on social media.

The New Pittsburgh Courier is reporting that the FBI has vowed to track down the person or persons embarrassing and humiliating half of Hollywood. Hopefully the government agency will work quickly as images like Jill Scott’s are being released without the consent of the celebrities and it’s invading their privacy.

Fans are asked not to view, download or share naked photos from the hackers. It is a great way to support the women who have had their privacy violated.

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