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Jill Duggar travels to Nepal to meet fiancé for first time

On the TLC hit show, "19 Kids and Counting" daughter Jessa recently started courting a young man named Ben. Jessa is the first daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle to ever be in a relationship.

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar
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Jill Duggar
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Though that is a big thing, another of their daughters, Jill, 22 recently became engaged to a young man named Derrick, 25 who she fell in love after chatting with him online and by Skype chats.

Now on the most recent episode of 19 Kids, we got to see the moment that Jill and Derrick met for the first time and it just so happened to be in another country, thousands of miles away, Nepal.

For a family that is extremely strict in the ways that they raise their children, one would not think that the Duggar parents would allow their daughter Jill to fly to another country to meet a man she said she was in love with.

They did though, but of course with Jim Bob as chaperone.

The Duggar kids are not allowed to "date" in the typical fashion that most teenagers do, they have to get permission to court someone and only after getting permission from the parents. The parents then are with the couple at all times, on dates, at dinners, and even while video chatting and texting.

They believe that once they start courting that person is probably going to be the person they marry and to just date someone is not something they approve of.

They may not kiss each other and are only allowed to "side hug" as a regular hug can cause sexual feelings in someone.

Jill who said on the show; “I was in love with someone I had never met in person, but we really knew each other well.” asked her parents permission to go meet Derrick and off they went.

Derrick said this after seeing her for the first time;

"I've never missed someone so much who I've never met before!"

Jill was very excited and even talked of marriage before meeting Derrick;

'Oh my goodness, this could very well be my future husband,This could be the one!"

Viewers got to see Jill, Derrick, and Jim Bob meet for the first time, and watched as he took them around Nepal, a place where he has been living for the past two years doing mission work.

Jim Bob stayed with them the whole time, although a few steps behind to give them some "privacy" and he ended up giving Derrick permission to ask Jill to court.

After courting for a few months Jill and Derrick are now engaged to be married this summer, the first of the Duggar girls to leave the nest.

Jill said it was very romantic and mushy and that Derrick has a song written about their relationship that he had the person who wrote it sing to them;

"He said, 'When God made you, he was thinking of me,' and then at the very end of the song, he said something about, 'And I pray that you think that too, when God made you he was thinking of me,' and I was like, 'That sounds like a question!'"

Hopefully viewers and fans will get to see the wedding take place on an episode of the show and another wedding could happen soon after as well with Jessa and Ben.

Michelle and Jim Bob are trying to deal with their children growing up and leaving their home to start their own lives and family. Michelle said that it is hard on her and she is not against having another child if it is in God's plan for them.

We shall see.

You can catch the moment that Jill meets Derrick in Nepal on episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" on TLC, and watch new episodes of the hit show every Tuesday night

Also check out Jill and Derricks proposal story here and view their wedding site here.

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