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Jill Duggar talks babies; reports suggest Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald engaged

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar watches as their family grows
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar watches as their family grows
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The news from the Duggar family had the fans excited to see how life is changing for the reality family. Not only can viewers watch “19 Kids and Counting” to see how the family’s life is moving forward, it appears people can keep an eye on the real time happenings too. According to the Duggar family blog on Friday, it seems that Jill Duggar talking babies and it has people wondering if she is going to have kids immediately after getting married.

As fans know the reality star is a student midwife and the experiences she has had so far has influenced her views on childbirth. The star might be helping other women, but she knows enough to understand what she wants for the future as a mother. Opening up about the options, it appears that she really does want kids in the very near future.

Life is moving quickly for Jill Duggar. She recently had a bridal shower where friends and family, and even a number of fans came together to celebrate the upcoming wedding. And with the countdown of less than 30 days before the ceremony, the reality star has to be excited.

While some fans might be excited to hear more Duggar babies are on the way, there could be another way that the family grows. The rumors of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald being engaged are swirling. According to Christian Today on Friday, the family hasn't confirmed the engagement, but Jessa’s friends are privately talking about the exciting news.

Over the next year the viewers are bound to see the Duggar family grow quickly. While Michelle Duggar is still thinking about having another child (which would be number 20,) it is her children who are getting ready to start families of their own. It doesn't matter who has the next baby in the Duggar family as the fans are going to be thrilled to welcome another child.