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Jill Duggar speaks out about why she announced her pregnancy so soon

Jill and Derek
Jill and Derek

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard of "19 Kids and Counting" are now expecting their first child together. On Wednesday, Jill explained why she revealed her pregnancy so early. On Wednesday, US Magazine shared what Jill had to say about it all. Most celebrities wait until their second trimester to share the news.

Derick and Jill were only married for about 60 days before they found out she was pregnant. This couple didn't even kiss until their wedding night. Jill spoke out and said, "Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester. And believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could." They didn't want to wait to tell the world about the baby.

Jill did confirm that they didn't kiss until their wedding day. They didn't see any reason to have a long engagement though and things worked out for them okay. Jill shared that if you wait too long between engagement and the wedding then it is harder to stay pure. She also shared that they were not going to prevent having a child which means they didn't use birth control at all. Jill has been suffering from morning sickness all day long.

Holly Baby shared that last night on "19 Kids and Counting" the couple was surprised with a house to live in for now. Jim Bob and Michelle bought this house to fix up and sell. They are letting Jill and Derick stay there until they sell the home. This will probably be the house they are living in when their first baby is born. It is a huge three story house. Don't miss new episodes of this show on TLC on Tuesday nights.