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Jill Duggar sets wedding date; ‘19 Kids and Counting’ cast starts wedding site

Jim Bob Duggar has given Derick Dillard his blessing to marry daughter Jill Duggar
Jim Bob Duggar has given Derick Dillard his blessing to marry daughter Jill Duggar
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are getting married and they are going to tie the knot on June 21, 2014. The reality star family announced last week that the couple was getting married, but more details about the upcoming happy day have been released this week. According to the official Duggar family blog on Tuesday, the couple has decided a date and they have their own website celebrating the big event.

Fans have been so excited that they got a chance to see more details about the couple including information on how Derick Dillard met the Duggar family in January. While the young couple has only been courting for a short while, it appears that they have fallen in love and the family adores Derick too. The relationship is moving fast, but few viewers will argue with true love.

So how did Derick Dillard propose to his wife-to-be Jill Duggar? Fans can capture the moment by checking out the website as it appears that it was perfectly was planned. Offering up a photograph of Derick on one knee, the man seems to have popped the question in the park on a picture perfect day.

After the nuptials, the couple have already been working out plans for a big family. Apparently Jill Duggar would love to have children of her own. Sharing details with the media, it seems that they have taken things slow and will be holding off on anything more than holding hands until after the wedding.

The countdown for Jill Duggar’s wedding has begun. Not only can fans send well wishes by writing on the electronic guest book, but they can see any updates that might come along for the couple over the next six weeks. It’s going to be a big celebration and TLC viewers can’t believe they are lucky enough to be able to experience parts of the moment with the family.