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Jill Duggar reveals meeting Derick Dillard in Nepal; love in a foreign land

Jim Bob Duggar escorted his daughter to Nepal
Jim Bob Duggar escorted his daughter to Nepal
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The “19 Kids and Counting” romance between Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard is being played out on TLC and fans are excited to see how the couple first met. The story of Jim Bob Duggar escorting his daughter to meet the man who communicated with her on video chat has everyone intrigued about the romantic long distance relationship. According to Hollywood Gossip on Friday, the romance was enhanced by technology, but it is old fashion love based in a foreign land that brought them together.

Giving fans an opportunity to get some behind the scenes access, the Duggar family posed a handful of pictures on the official Duggar family blog on Saturday and the viewers got more images of the couple during the Nepal visit to check out. Believe it or not, Derick Dillard was waiting at the airport with flowers in hand to meet his lady friend. Checking out the country, the three (Jim Bob Duggar tagged along) went to some of the attractions of the land and spent time together. They even dressed up in traditional clothing and took pictures like tourists.

If it wasn't pretty obvious that Derick Dillard is in love with Jill Duggar (and that she feels the same way) taking a look at the photographs pretty much sums up their emotion for each other. Excited to meet face to face, it was the chance for the two youngsters to get to know each other in a foreign land.

The Jill Duggar wedding is less than 60 days away. While the fans won’t be invited to see it live, it appears that the family has made special arrangements so that portions will be seen on television. Looking to make the most out of their lives, the next step for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard is to exchange vows. While their love started in Nepal, it appears they will have a big ceremony here in America.