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Jill Bunny Has Mouthpiece, Will Travel

Jill Bunny has now joined the New Age Performance Mouthpiece team
Instagram 2014

By Paul Fitzgerald - Renowned coach, fitness instructor and model endorses new technological marvel

It’s just after 6:00 AM here in Oakville, ON – not far from the booming metropolis of Toronto – when sleepy eyes roll into a spacious high-end gym.

Yes, it’s still dark, cold, snowy outside, and workout buffs in droves still want their morning workout to begin before commuting by train, bus or car out of the suburbs and into the ‘Big Smoke’ and the surrounding areas for a long day of work.

However, despite the feeling of gloominess with the early check-in and dreary weather outdoors, it doesn’t take long at all for the room to come alive.

In walks Jill Bunny.

The look of enthusiasm on her face is contagious – you know she means business. She’s in early as well for her first workout of the day and she wastes no time getting into a rigorous workout grove.

There is no stopping this woman, so it appears.

On a large, colorfully lit and sophisticated looking stair-master, Jill is in perfect form and her legs and body are in full action. She gives off the impression she would climb forever if given the chance. And, on with weights she never settles for second best as she strives for more and more.

A die hard workout fanatic, it’s no wonder she is in true form from head to toe.

And after an hour or so passes, one may think might be all done.

Think again.

In another area of the gym she gets ready for a skipping workout and now has this slight look of exhaustion in her face, but at the same time pure determination.

Then she pulls out a mouthpiece. One would never expect to see anyone with mouthpiece at the gym, but Jill is a trend setter with this one, and for good reason.

You see, the 28 year-old, who is extremely popular in her hometown, across the Greater Toronto Area and Canada for that matter has discovered a new technological marvel that is being hailed as the ultimate natural performance enhancer and which allows workout fanatics and athletes alike to reach their full potential on many levels.

Called the New Age Performance Mouthpiece, this is not your average device. It’s unique in every sense.

During her skipping workout, she becomes tired and stops for a break. Normally she would have to wait it out to get her stamina back. This time she pops in the New Age Performance Mouthpiece and goes for another five minutes, something she normally would never be able to achieve.

“This thing is pure magic,” she says while holding up the device during an interview. “I mean I am blown away with how such a small mouthpiece can make a world of difference. My workouts are longer and I feel more fulfilled.”

In fact, Jill is so impressed with the new invention that she has joined the New Age Performance team so that she can play a lead role in educating others about its benefits.

So, what’s all the magic behind the device that so many people are now talking about?

Well, it’s actually all based on science but yet simple to explain.

The device is placed on the back of your lower teeth. Once it’s locked in, your jaw alignment is more structurally sound. Years of research has proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, then your body is more able to reach its peak performance. Most of the population has a bite issue, so this new technology is a breakthrough on many levels.

Rutgers University recently released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a definite positive impact on athletic performance.

“I feel a difference right away while wearing it,” explains the leading Competition Coach and CBBF National bikini competitor and fitness model. “I feel I have better strength, balance, and my overall range of motion is greatly improved.”

She adds, “I admit I was quite skeptical when I first heard about this new invention. But I gave it a try and I am blown away with the results. I use the mouthpiece religiously and I am so pleased to now be a part of the team promoting here in Canada, the USA and beyond.”

Rob Charlton, co-owner of the New Age Performance Mouthpiece, is also thrilled Jill is on board helping tout the new invention.

“The New Age Performance Mouthpiece team is elated to have Jill helping get the word out there on our new product,” says Charlton. “She is well-schooled and experienced in her industry and she is set to show off the true benefits of what our mouthpiece has to offer. This is truly an exciting chapter for our new company.”

In a matter of days, Jill and the New Age Performance Mouthpiece will be featured at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH (February 27 to March 2).

This is the first time ever a mouthpiece of this kind is being highlighted at the Arnold Show.

The New Age Performance Mouthpiece is based out of Mississauga, ON, and the company gladly accepted the opportunity to attend the huge four day event that boasts 700 booths of the latest in sports equipment, apparel and nutrition and a stage that hosts unique, non-stop competitions and entertainment. This year’s event is expected to attract nearly 200,000 attendees.

Jill states, “The Arnold Show is where we get to show the world the true power of our natural sports enhancer.”

The co-inventor of the New Age Performance Mouthpiece is Dr. Anil Makkar, a well-known neuromuscular dentist who has studied jaw alignment techniques at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies. He will also be in attendance at the big event.

“There are literally thousands of people who are utilizing our new invention so that they can get that extra advantage they need for true achievement,” says Dr. Makkar.

No matter if you are on the front lines, in the trenches, looking to excel in your sport, or trying to get your best work out, this device is cutting-edge on every level and is proving to be the newest and best technological mouthpiece going on the market.

Dr. Makkar states, “There have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950s. Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one’s bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Our new device, worn on the lower teeth, will allow everyone to experience immediate results with balance, increased strength, and flexibility.”

“The invention is all about speed, strength, skill and precision, and there’s that moment it all comes together. Alignment, balance, power – that’s the New Age Performance difference,” adds Dr. Makkar.

Jill states, “The mouthpiece goes over your lower teeth and when you actually bite into it, it instantly aligns your jaw and instantaneously you have better balance. Having better balance opens the door to increased strength and stability. What athlete doesn’t want that? What fitness person doesn’t want that? And what’s so amazing is that it’s all about a little mouthpiece that makes an amazing amount of difference.”

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