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Jill Abramson fired at NYT over pay equity dispute

Here is a story with legs. The Guardian reports that the executive editor at the New York Times has been fired over a “pay equity” dispute. There are other juicy tidbits about the circumstances to be wrung out from the Guardian report and others. Here is one list.

Jill Abramson, when she arrived three years ago at the NYT

1. She is a feisty person whose work is contested by senior management.

2. She was allegedly too slow to get with the digital age.

3. She was insulted by being asked to job share responsibilities.

4. Some prominent journalists endorse here.

5. Some people in the newsroom are glad to see her go.

6. The NYT shopped around for her replacement before settling on Dean Baquet.

She will do just fine somewhere at something in journalism. In fact, she would make a fine professor. In the meantime, one can bet there will be some lawyers engaged in this, unless she is bought off by a settlement.

“Jill Abramson forced out as New York Times executive editor

Ed Pilkington and Jessica Glenza in New York, Wednesday 14 May 2014 21.24 EDT

Jill Abramson said: 'I've loved my run at the Times.' Photograph: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Wired
The most august newspaper in the US, the New York Times, was left reeling on Wednesday after its executive editor, Jill Abramson, was fired and replaced by her deputy less than three years into one of the most exalted jobs in journalism.

In a move that caught even the most senior staff at the paper unawares, Arthur Sulzberger Jr, the publisher and chairman of the New York Times Company, announced that Abramson would be replaced immediately by Dean Baquet, the paper's managing editor. He is the first African American to hold the job, although that milestone is likely to be overshadowed by the sudden dismissal of the paper's first female top editor in its 162-year history.

[content the story]

Abramson’s stint in the top editorial post lasted only slightly longer than that of Howell Raines, whose own departure in 2003 Abramson paradoxically hastened in the wake of the Jayson Blair plagiarism and fabrication scandal.”

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