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Jihad in America? 'ISIS here' sign spotted in report on Ferguson protest

A sign that read "ISIS here" was spotted during a Monday night report on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, The Blaze said. Images of the "chilling" sign made their way to the Internet through Twitter, Oliver Darcy said Tuesday.

"ISIS is here" sign spotted behind CNN's Jake Tapper.

The sign is seen immediately behind CNN's Jake Tapper, who was speaking with one protester who claimed to be a former police officer. Tapper was clearly unaware of the sign at the time.

It's unclear why the sign was displayed, but the UK Daily Mail said Tuesday that ISIS militants are using social media outlets like Twitter to encourage protesters to embrace their version of radical Islam and fight the government. According to the Daily Mail, jihadists have used the hashtag #FergusonUnderISIS as part of an effort to encourage protesters to embrace their effort to create a global caliphate.

"So how is democracy treating you guys? #FergusonUnderIS #Ferguson," tweeted one ISIS supporter identified only as "Mujahid Miski." The Daily Mail said Miski claims to originate from the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area but now suggests he is based in "the horn of Africa." In one tweet posted by the Daily Mail, Miski suggests all IS members in the U.S. should go to Ferguson in an effort to "prepare to establish a revolutionary Islamic State." In another tweet, he said justice and equality can only be found under sharia law.

Another Twitter user using the name "Amreeki Witness" suggested using the Ferguson protests to start jihad in the United States. In one tweet, he said it may be "time to organize the Muslims in America upon haqq and mobilize to #Ferguson. Defend the oppressed, start jihad here."

It's not the first time extremist messages have been seen in Ferguson. A Palestinian flag was seen being waved by one protester during a Fox News report. Truth Revolt said other outside groups, including anarchists, socialists, and "professional" protesters have also converged on Ferguson, hoping to capitalize on the unrest there. Video of the sign can be seen above.

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