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Jiggley Jones: '. . . a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light . . . '

Seasoned singer-songwriter and guitarist Jiggley Jones recently released a new release titled . . . a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light . . . This six-song CD is another unique offering of his personal brand of alt-country tinged, acoustic Americana. As per usual, Pennsylvania-based Jones leads the way with his acoustic guitar and lead vocals. He is ably assisted by an assortment of other artists on each track.

Jiggley Jones: '. . . a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light . . .  '
Jiggley Jones: '. . . a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light . . . '
Courtesy of TOO
Jiggley Jones
Courtesy of TOO

The album opener is titled “Walk On Me”. His signature is readily apparent in this, the first single off the disc and it’s an early favorite of fans and critics alike. It’s perhaps all too quickly followed by “Look What I Found”. His songs often contain a light, quiet beauty to them. He is backed on these cuts by co-producer Dave Moody (acoustic guitar, banjo and slide), Jake Johnson (bass), Josh Moody (drums and percussion) and Lewis Wells on piano.

The next number is “Hope In A Bottle”. This is perhaps best appreciated kicking back with your favorite beverage in a bottle . . . or maybe a glass. Despite the production values and backing band the true essence of Jones’ traveling troubadour still shine through and his music here has a wonderful consistency to it that allows one cut to flow into another.

“Nothing So Natural” follows. Here the musicians from the first two tunes return to back Jones in a piece that easily evokes pleasant mental images and keeps things musically moving in a, well, natural manner. On “Early Morning Light” The band continues to merge their sounds into an attractive background to Jones’ tuneful tale and easy-going vocals.

Jones believes this album is his “metaphor for life itself and the lyrical content of the entire recording encompasses that. The struggles and the hope are all there, along with some really organic sounds and attitude.” He adds: “To me it all comes together with the song ‘Early Morning Light’, which has such an emotional, yet simplistic feel to it that compliments the rest of the record perfectly.”

The closing cut is “Man On The Run”. This has a bit of a beat perhaps to enable Jones to exit as well as he enters. Here, as on “Hope In A Bottle”, he is backed by Brian Johnson (bass), Danny Muhamed (banjo), John Root (drums) and Al Babyok (piano). Indeed, Jones may be a “man on the run” in terms of his career but his songs have a significant subtle strength without pushing or rushing. Check out Jiggley Jones . . . a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light . . . If you really dig it you can tell all your friends “Look What I Found”!

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