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Jif Whips S'mores celebrate National S'mores Day

Front view of Jif Whips S'mores tub
Front view of Jif Whips S'mores tub

Sunday, August 10 is National S'smores Day. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and campers of all kind will remember that tasty treat with the fire-toasted marshmallow on top of the slab of chocolate squished between two graham crackers. They are some of the fondest memories of times around the campfire.

If you long for that wonderful S'mores taste but do not have a campfire or barbeque handy, you can find it along with creamy peanut butter in Jif's limited edition Jif Whips S'mores flavored peanut butter spread. The new product consists of a whipped fluffy, smooth chocolate-peanut butter mixture combined with the subtly added flavors of sweet marshmallows and honey graham crackers.

Whips S'mores flavor comes in a 15.9 ounce wide-mouth tub, which makes it perfect for spreading, dipping or dunking. The manufacturer's suggested price is $3.49 per package. It is available in stores now and will be available until the end of August, 2014.

Peanut butter is a perfect addition to the traditional s'more trio of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers. Many a snacker has already tried the graham cracker, peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow fluff combination. Jif has reduced that process to the use of one simple and delicious spread.

Miss Delilah, the official treat test for the Long Beach Food Examiner test kitchen says she can hardly wait to try this new peanut butter treat. Look for the results of her official taste test in this column soon.

She has already given her approval to Jif To Go Dippers in both the Creamy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Silk flavors. She looks forward to testing Jif Whips S'mores soon.

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